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The first Chromebook was released June 2011. Chromebooks are laptops that run the Chrome Operating System which, like Android OS, was developed by Google. These computers are much like netbooks. You can't install programs like Microsoft Office or anything other than Chrome apps. Chromebooks typically retail for less than $200 and they have a fairly low resale value. If you are trying to resell your Chromebook, you should expect a lower price because they won't work for most computer users. Again, a Chromebook is basically a netbook or a web browser.

ReBoot will buy back your Chromebooks for cash. If you are looking to sell your Chromebook fast, ReBoot is just the place for you. If you are selling a Chromebook, average payout prices are around $50. There are some cases where we can pay you more for your Chromebook. If your Chromebook is touch screen or has a premium processor, we will pay a higher cash price.

Thank you for considering ReBoot when it comes time for you to sell a Chromebook laptop.

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