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Televisions have come such a long way and continue to get better and better! They keep getting thinner, lighter and higher resolution. As technology continues to improve in the TV world, it keeps getting cheaper and cheaper to get a great television. When the newer technology becomes available, the last generations TVs get cheaper to purchase! A television that was $3500 3 years ago can sell for less than $800 today.

No matter the reason that you are wanting to sell your television, ReBoot is your best and most fair option. We have been paying people cash for their TVs since 2013. ReBoot is your number one local TV buyer.

It's very difficult selling a television online or to someone through FaceBook, OfferUp or Craigslist because of portability issues. You don't want to invite a stranger in to your house and you can't exactly set it up at McDonald's to show someone that it works. Shipping a TV risks damaging it in transit as well. You can Sell your TV to ReBoot for a very fair price. We will offer you a cash price for your TV and give you a safe place to sell it. Just be careful whenever you transport your television to ReBoot! People have broke them on the drive over here and we would hate to see that happen again.

Thank you for considering ReBoot when it comes time to sell your TV!

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