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iPhones are by far the most expensive and most desired smartphone on the market. Some iPhone models retail for nearly $1,500.00 US Dollars! Almost every teenager out there will choose an iPhone because it gives you "cool" status! Apple has the iCloud Eco System which easily makes data on one device like an iPhone or iPad accessible on your Mac Computer. They also have certain apps that work so well from one iPhone to another like Facetime and iMessage that Android devices don't have. You can't put FaceTime on an android so that is one reason many families choose to go with the iPhone.

If you have an iPhone, the good news is we will buy any model that you have! We would even buy the first generation iPhone. While most buyers only want the newest devices, we have customers who are looking for less expensive smartphones. So if you have the most expensive iPhone or the oldest iPhone, you can come down and sell them to us! We do pay cash and we definitely ALWAYS pay higher than the ATM's pay around town. We Buy all carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and even prepaid iPhones. We also offer you a SAFE place to sell your iPhone. You don't need to meet a stranger on FaceBook or Craigslist to sell your iPhone. You also don't have to worry about meeting that flaky person that never shows up to buy your iPhone. That is what ReBoot is here for! We deal with the crazy people and the flaky no-shows so you don't have to!

We appreciate you thinking of us when you are ready to sell an iPhone!

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